Zoeva 109 Luxe face paint brush

I tried every single online shop last year to get hold of the NARS Ita Brush for Christmas and it sold out EVERYWHERE. After accepting that I'll never get my hands on it I was on the hunt for something similar, after trying the Real Techniques Contour brush I still wasn't satisfied and wanted more of a 'flat, square brush'.

Few months later I spotted this Zoeva 109 brush on their website but refused to pay nearly £10 shipping for one brush so I stalked love-makeup hoping they would get it in and luckily they did (although I can't find it on there now, boo!)

When I first received the brush I was a little disappointed, it didn't make much of difference to a normal face brush so there it sat on my dressing table unloved until one day I washed my brushes and reached for it again. WOW so glad I washed it because it's my favourite contour brush EVER, it really does make contouring easy the flat square shape allows you to get right in the hollows of the cheeks and basically does the work for you.

I can't wait to add more Zoeva brushes to my collection, at affordable prices these really aren't brushes to pass up on.

You can find UK stockists here and here


  1. I need this!!! Been searching for the NARS its brush for far too long and could never find a dupe. This looks perfect! xx

  2. Ohh thats a nifty little brush! This looks so perfect to sculpt and contour the cheek bones. I have been meaning to make a little Zoeva order…think it's about time i head on over to the website and make it happen haha :)

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  3. I'm absolutely useless at contouring so maybe I should give this a go!



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