Gimme the money

I've never saw so many things I really really really want (I probably have) but I desperately want a leather jacket (the one left infact) it's from Oasis, £150 but can't afford it :'(

Why isit I can't get a bloody decent job!! I really wish I was working again!!

I want this scarf aswell, it looks really nice from the picture. More in my budget of £12 from Dorothy Perkins. Ha!

I also want this new Chanel Lipgloss, the one that the model is wearing but the colors on the website looks nothing like the one she's wearing in the picture.


  1. The scarf is so cute, and the color will pop!

  2. I love the jacket, I want it so much.

  3. for the advertisements they probably add layers of this and that lipstick. so you will have to find a resembling color...


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