Not a happy bunny

Im soooooo angry!!! I went out last night, I went to get my phone out of my bag and realised that someone stole it AND my camera :(

I'm so upset too that someone actually went into my bag to steal them :'(


  1. Oh no, its awful when that happens. I was at a friends boyfriends house last August and one of his housemates stole my camera but I couldn't prove it was him, I never got it back and it was only a month or two old, it feels awful doesn't it. *hugs* xx

  2. Thats awful, its so crap that people think they can just do that :(

  3. :[ thats nasty hun, dont worry - karma - as i always say... chin up girl :] xx

  4. Thanks for the cmnt, I know the cheek of some people..the fact that they keep switching my phone on/off aswell!! grr

    But as you said Karma :) hope it gets 'em soon!

    Once you buy MAC theres no going back lol, you'll want something all the time.

    Btw Nink you can't leave comments on your blog?



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