L-R:- 147 Peachy Pink, 146 Dolly Pink, 101 Marshmellow, 132 Pinkie Gold Sparkle

My Barry M order FINALLY came today, well it didn't even come to my house!!! It went to the same number but completely different streets!! I've had trouble with this with another parcel too, my dress went down there and now it's gone missing from where they said they put it, I'm putting the correct address god dammnit!!!

Can't wait to try these out, so keep checking back for swatches on the lips.

Here's my fave order which also came today :) Ray Ban Wayfarers, 2113 - 50mm

I've alwaysss wanted some and thought they'd be ideal for my holiday in Aug!


  1. Love those ray-bans!
    Really want Barry M 147! :)

  2. wow pretty sunnies! where did you order them from? x

  3. Wow! I love Ray Bans, I need to order a pair. How much did they cost?

  4. Thank you for your comment on my blog:) I am loving pink lemonade from MAC. I think it looks amazing with 147 peachy pink from Barry M. What do you think? I will be doing a collection post of my lip items very soon too.:)

  5. Oh I'll have to try it on top of Barry M :) x


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