Friday haul..

L-R: Neals Yard rose water, spray bottle, clean & clear oil free moist, playboy lipstick/gloss/blush and sleek eyeliner

So thought I'd venture into my other town today as mine is fairly crap, my boots don't stock Neals Yard soo..I decided to get the Rose Water as I heard alot of positive reviews on their toners..they are pricey at £7.30 but hey if it works who cares?! Ohh and a spray bottle so I can just spray it over my face!

Next up the clean & clear oil free moisturiser that promises to keep shine away, as I have oily t zone I'll try anything to keep it at bay..does it work? well I didn't take much notice whether it actually worked because I went out last night and the club was packed out so it was really hot. This was like £3.97 ohh and smells really nice.

Right now I just want to get this out of the way...I H A T E Playboy with a passion and only bought the products as I liked the colors..I got them from TJ Hughes for £3 each but I think superdrug sells the glosses for £12?! insane because let me tell you, I don't know why I bothered..the color looks so pretty in the tube but applying them on the lips..well I might aswell of just bought 2 clear crap. The blush isn't a bad color though nor is the lipstick.

look how nice the colors look..grr!

Lipstick/gloss/blush swatch..

Ohh last but not least new glads..


  1. I dislike playboy tooo.. urgh.
    I saw the lip glosses in tj hughes the other day but was against buying them..and now am even more haha.
    loverly gladiators tho :) gonna wear my new ones today!!
    i've heard that rose water is amazing btw.
    :] xxxxxx

  2. Shame about the glosses hun. Love those glads x

  3. Are the gladiators from New Look? If so, I have the same pair. They're so comfy aren't they. I wore them all day today and no discomfort whatsover. Shame about the lipglosses, but at least they weren't expensive huh x

  4. I've got the clean & clear moisturiser and it does work!! My skin is quite oily and I think it works wonders, lovely smell too!!

  5. I'm sure I have one of the glosses, is it called Miss Playboy? They have absolutly no colour pay off on your lips :(but they do smell like Strawberry hubba bubba!

    I've discovered that it looks really nice over a nude lipstick though, so I don't feel quite so sad.
    Maybe try that?


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