Sunday haul...

I needed to pop into town to return my shoes and get some more foundation as I ran outta of my Dior one! But decided to pop into Boots beforehand and I got:

Rimmel nail polish - Tangerine queen
Prestige lipstick - Fever(?) I can't be bothered to go and look lol.
Simple facial wash & Garnier summer body which is boring so didn't picture them.

And from Debenhams as you can see my Dior Skin Nude foundation ..and it's gone up to £28.00!!! even though the sticker on the box still said £26.50!! the cheek.

Ohh and a random OPI nail polish I got the other first OPI..again can't be bothered to look at the color sorry.

Nail polish which will look better on tanned skin

Prestige lipstick (R) & Barry M -53 (L)

They are very similiar in color, the Barry M one is a little more vibrant and also my fave lipstick ever!!


  1. That orange polish is gorgeous!

  2. That nail polish looks fab! I got an orange one to wear with a tan but I haven't worn it yet x


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