Small ASOS haul...

So after selling my All Saints Mabelle Dress on ebay 'cus the neck was too high :( I was determined to find one similiar with a lower neck. After browsing ASOS I found this baby, after watching the catwalk vid I knew this is what I was looking for so ordered straight away ♥

The pic just looks "bleurgh" I would've taken a pic with the dress on but shall leave that when I wear it out ;)

Next up just a plain ol'trilby which I found in the mens section (lol) at a bargain price of £4! I thought this would be huge seeing as it's a mans but it just fits the same as a ladies one does. I shall be taking this on holiday!

And thats all from me :)


  1. That dress is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it on :) Nice hat aswell! xxxx

  2. Love the dress, is it knitted like the Mabelle dress? I quite like the high neck on mine, it keeps my boobs in place! x

  3. @ Emma nope it isn't knitted, it's that stretchy bodycon material! I don't think high necks suit me at..makes my neck look long lol x

  4. There's so much I could buy on ASOS right now! This is the first blog where I've actually liked all the clothes shown on it! x


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