Couple of bits...

Hey guys, so I popped into town today as I needed new foundation for my newly tanned skin ;) ha!

Anyways onto the stuff...

H+M: Basic Jersey Skirts, these and they was only £3.99...BARGAIN!

Revlon Colorstay + Prestige Waterproof eyeliner..Im hoping the staying power is as good as it lasts on my hand.

New Look Jeggings...I these, my new fave definately.

Ohh and does anyone know of any good makeup storage? I'm liking the ones on Muji site but don't have anything similiar nearby.


  1. I use an ikea thing - it has 3 little drawers at the top then 2 medium then one big, so everything can be divided :)

  2. Those jeggings made my ass look huge hehe. Looked nice on you though :). I want some of those storage boxes too, saw a nice one on the Muji site, let me know if you order and we can go halves on the P&P x

  3. Love Revlon colorstay! and cute skirts..I love those basics

  4. great haul! love the skirts, really handy! :) xoxo

  5. Nice haul! I need some of those skirts :o)


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