NOTD & Teeny weeny haul...

(l-r) Rimmel lippie 006 (read that it's similiar to MAC CC?), tresemme body hair spray, revlon colorstay oily/combo, collection 2000 polish in dynasty...

I had to buy new foundation as my Dior Nude staying power is pants!
Swatch, lighting is cr*p atm.


Does anyone cut their nails all the same size? because shamefully I don't lol!


  1. Don't worry I don't cut my nails to all the same length either! I hate when they're all lovely & long and then a couple break. But I'd rather have a few mismatched nails than all short ones! xxx

  2. ooh id love to see how that lippie looks on in a look! very pretty<3

  3. I love the tresemme finishing spray.. its fab! xXx

  4. collection 2000 nail color looks soo nice! :)

  5. Hooooray! Someone's taken my dupe advice :D I'm so disappointed with Dynasty. Lovely colour but mine has chipped horribly and I only put it on Friday night.
    Let me know how you get on with Colourstay
    I <3 24 hr body mousse. It's incredible

  6. @ Amy - Good, I just can't justify to cut the lovely long ones off haha.

    @ Courtney - I'll do it tomorrow if I go out :)

    @ Laura - Ahh good, I hardly use hairspray but when I want to wear my hair curly nothing ever seems to hold the curls

    Thanks girls, the color is lovely..didn't have a color like it in my collection so had to have it.

    @ Miss DG - Ahh I saw your tweet to someone about it so had to get it lol ;)

    Agree with it chipping, I had to go over it again about 5mins after I applied it and then stuck some coat on top


  7. I tweeted @you didn't I??? If not, I meant to because you'd asked!
    I willll post pics next week when I'm back home so you can see I'm not fibbing!


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