Maybelline Blogger Event..+

Hey guys so I'm sure some of you are aware that quite a few of us beauty bloggers/youtubers was invited down to the L'oreal Head Quarters in Hammersmith, London yesterday for a beauty event - MAYBELLINE.

Right; so I planned on meeting Nic beforehand at Euston where Sarah, Phoebe and Emma also joined us to head over to Oxford St (Selfridges) for abit of shopping, well 3hrs at the makeup counters to be precise!

And I got:

Illamasqua Katie Blush: I wanted this last time but they didn't have it. A gorgeous flush of light pink and a YSL Rouge Volupte in n019..FINALLY after keeping checking various websites to see if they had it yet..♥ this and if you don't own a rouge volupte lipstick SHAME ON YOU aha no seriously they are amazing..just glides on beautifully, I now own 2 of these pretty things :)

After Selfridges we was running out of time so had to catch the tube to Hammersmith where the event was being held...

Once we got to L'oreal we got greeted by the lovely Natalie and got showed to where we had to go, which we then stuffed our faces with yummy cakes and sandwichs..mmm! Right so then we all sat down and listened to the lovely ladies do a presentation on Maybelline - brand history - individual products (face, eyes lips etc) and the latest products which are...

Pulse Perfection:

"Discover the power of vibration. Our motor pulses the brush up to 100x a second like no hand can. Powers the formula through the lashes for an anti-clump result. Pulse Perfection with vibration separates precisely and sculpts lashes perfectly. A new lash look Pulse Perfection goes beyond volume & length for a flawless fan of lush, perfect lashes. "

Im excited to try this out as we know Estee Lauder and Lancome also have vibrating mascara but retail for like..£30? so this one is more affordable at £14.99 so I'll keep you updated :)

And also Color Sensational lipstick which Im sure we've all tried..Ambre Rose anyone?

After the presentation we were told to collect our goody bags..yes BAGS, we were given which contained the best sellers and the other which were the new products. Thank you Maybelline for being so generous :)

There is a few items missing; concealers and glosses 'cus I used some this morning

I had such a nice day and would like to say thank you for the invite and seeing familiar/new faces and now shall end this post with a few pics...I could go on forever :)

(I think people were a little confused at which camera to look at on this one)

Click for more pics.

Ohh and ever wandered how Maybelline got the name? Well..there was a lady named Maybel who was engaged and her fiancee went off with another woman. So of course Maybel wanted to wow him and win him back, thats when she turned to her brother who was a pharmacist and he came up with the idea of mixing a bit of coal with vaseline to darken her eyelashes and make her eyes stand out..which he then created mascara :) mabel + vaseline = MAYBELLINE


  1. wow! you all got so much stuff! you're all so lucky!! xx

  2. haha love the little maybelline cute...katie blush looks super pretty btw...xoxo

  3. Was so lovely to meet you. Great post!!!! xxxxxxx

  4. The Maybelline story is so sweet :)


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