Twitter comp.. Christopher Kane!

As some of you are aware that Topshop had a competition going on Twitter and was giving away 14 (I think) CK bags to the lucky people who won!

Well bag arrived today and I must say I do really like it, perfect for a night out..but I'm a bit disappointed on the straps, it's really tiny and Im guessing it's to be used to carry around the wrist:

The best bet is to probably change the strap to something more wearable..

I think it's selling for £65 in Topshop, although Im not 100% sure


  1. Congrats on winning! Such small chances as well! I love that bag - pfect for a night out!

  2. I wanted to get that bag but i had no idea how to hold it. I was like what the hell do i do with these bloody straps!?!?! lol so i didnt get it... yet.. there is always time :P

    Enjoy babe!

  3. Awww that bag is so gorgeous! You hava great blog! I followed :) xxx


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