New stuff + YSL...

Heys guys so long time no post..again! Tbh I've kinda lost blogging mojo, anyway heres some of my recent buys;

L: Style, MAC R: Plum foolery, MAC

Close ups

L: Plum foolery R: Style

MSFN Light-Medium

YSL Lingerie Pink ♥

andddd look at my lil family of Rouge Voluptes haha

Edited* comparison pic between lingerie/frivolous pink

Not that much of a difference but I think you can tell once it's on the lips.

Click for larger images :)


  1. Gorgeous stuff. Yeah I lost my blogging mojo last week. I think its back now though. Phew

  2. I love Rouge Volupte - what other colours do you have?

  3. @ Lou should've named them really shouldn't I, Peach passion & frivolous pink x

  4. awesome! i would love to have those lippies. i dont have any of those lipsticks mainly cause theyre expensive & second cause ill so right through them cause ill re-apply so many times as ive heard they dont last very long on. i swear no lipstick lasts on me more than 30 min at the most. great haul hun, have a great weekend =]

  5. someday ill be able to afford them, lol.

  6. Those lipsticks are lovely, they look so gorgeous and the packaging is just amazing.

  7. Lovely stuff, my friend recently bought me Lingerie Pink for my birthday and I looove it! Such a gorgeous colour, can I ask how similar it is to Frivolous Pink? I really want to try MSFN, need to get colour-matched though x

  8. Ooh lovely!!! What do you use to apply the MSF Natural?

  9. i am dying to get a ysl lipstick

    also i have had my eye on plum foolery!

  10. @ Lisa, I'll take a comparison pic if you like, I never got colour matched but just asked around on twitter and luckily it was the perfect match =)

    @ Diane, I use the MAC 182 and buff it into my t-zone, you could use any brush though!

    @ Nicole, go for it..I know these lippies are pretty expensive but just look at the packaging haha. Plum foolery is gorgeous ♥


  11. Thanks so much for the comparison pic :) Although they look similar swatched, I find Lingerie Pink looks a LOT different on my lips than it does on my hand so I agree you'd prob notice the difference more that way. Thanks again xx

  12. I've nominated you for an award on my blog:

  13. *sigh* :) <3

    that's all i can think to say right now.


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