New things...

So I popped into town yesterday and picked up a few things..non beauty related 'cept for for some Barry M glitter polish

Shoe boots from New Look; now I saw some studded ones on the site and was determined to fetch those but they wasn't in store so I grabbed these instead which I ♥ and also in a size 5..bonus!

Warehouse tunic; which I must add looks fab with the boots!

Just a plain chain bracelet from H&M

Also picked up a basic black blazer for £15..bargain!

And finally my Louise Young Brush (LY34) which finally came last week :)


  1. Oooo fab haul, I love everything! Particularly the boots and stud dress though <3 I have that Louise Young brush, it's lovely isn't it? Gives such a flawless application as you can really buff the foundation in xx

  2. Ooh - everything's lovely! Especially those beauts of boots! Ha :) I love H&M Jewellery aswell - you can get some really inexpensive, but adorable buys! I picked up a gold, embellished bow ring for a mere £2 and I wear it so so much! Great Post! Lots of Love, Lucy xx

  3. I LOVE those boots, sooo gorgeous x

  4. loving the boots great haul missy xoxo

  5. I LOVE those shoe boots!! Wanted them so much when i first saw them on but they sold out online and cant find them in any stores :((
    I know the studded ones you mean too, they're online only I think, they are nice too. xxx

  6. Love the booties, got them myself!
    X, fashionnerdic.

  7. the boots are so hott & the dress ..i luv !!

  8. those are all so gorgeous!!!!!!!


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