An awaiting haul...

 Hey guys so here's some stuff that I've got in the past month (abit late right?)

Sonia Kashuk Brushes:

I received these today after ordering them off Space Nk when I noticed a huge reduction in the sale section..I haven't tried these out yet but will definately let you know what I think of them. I got..contour brush (top) eyeliner brush and a flat top brush which I s'pose you can use for anything, I don't know what I'll use this for yet.

I received the MAC bits ages ago but went for Angel Lipstick and underage lipglass.

I never owned Angel but it seemed a very popular lippie, it's very similiar to another MAC lipstick I own..I think it's Snob, not sure though.

I haven't really worn Underage, has anyone got a nice combo with this gloss + another lippie? Leave a comment if so :)

And last we have Benefits Powderazzi, I received this way back In Dec from ASOS sale, the colour I use the most is the top one to contour..I have no idea what colour it is? I've only worn Coralista once and found nothing on my cheeks by the end of the day..I'll have another bash at wearing this another time.

And thats it from me :)

I need to start pulling my finger out abit more on my blog and stop being so lazy..I promise, I'll do reviews, OOTD etc soon xx


  1. i'm so suprised you don't like coralista, it works really well for me ;[ xxx

  2. Yeah, Coralista works fantastically for me too. Favourite blusher in fact! Maybe you need to apply it with a heavier hand?

  3. I found the same for coralista. I love the colour but it doesn't have any staying power! I need a new lippe, my fave is creme cup but want something a little bright! I like using the flat top brushes for foundation =) x

  4. I want too try angel lipstick! & I love coralista! XO

  5. great haul yay you got angel my all time fav mac lippy brushes look fab btw :)

  6. Ooh ive been lookin at those brushes of Space NK sooo tempted to buy them :D xx

  7. oooo have you tried the brushes yet ?? ive read so many good reviews, what do you think of them?

    Such a cute blog, gonna follow! would love it if you followed me too ?? xxx

  8. @ Sugar & Spice, I haven't tried them yet but will do a post on what I think when I have :) x

  9. looking forward to reading more about your new goodies hun!
    i've nominated you for the gorgeous blogger award on my page, but don't worry about reposting it lovely :) <3

  10. Fab bits, i wish i'd seen those brushes for i did my elf haul!! x

  11. very lovely products here.

  12. Such a nice haul, I especially like the three powder, it's very cute :D xxx please please follow me? xxx


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