Heat Protectant: Do you / Don't you?

Most of us have been using hair straighteners for a good few years now..knowing that too much heat can damage your hair but still continue to straighten/dry/curl..for me I couldn't live without my straighteners my natural hair is..big, curly, and rather frizzy.

Now theres lots and lots of products on the market today specially designed for heat damaged hair or even to protect your hair from heat damage..i.e. heat protectant spray.

My question is do you use it and do you think it really makes a difference? Reason I'm asking is because I know a few people who doesn't use it at all and use hair tools daily without using anything to protect their hair at all and I must say their hair is perfect condition. 

What heat protectant do YOU use and would you recommend it to others?


  1. I use it but I sometimes wonder if it is actually necessary, i've heard you don't even need special heat protector, you can use anything as long as it creates a barrier between your hair and your straighteners!
    I'm interested to see how many people do and don't use it though xx

  2. euughh i'm so bad i never use any! my hair is in good condition, I haven't had it cut in about a year and I don't have split ends... but then again i don't go insane with the hair straighteners. i have the aussie hair protectant, but i don't know if it does anything x

  3. I use it occasionally, say after I've washed my hair but I don't use it every time I use heat on my hair xx

  4. I use heat protectants religiously, I think its really important and it's played a big part in getting my hair from dry and damaged to heathly and glossy. I love the Andrew Barton spray as it can be used on dry hair aswell as wet :).

  5. I've always used heat protectant, but i don't think it does anything to my hair! Aslong as you treat your hair nicely with hair masks and a good condiitoner you'll be fine x

  6. I always use a heat protectant but perhaps more out of habit than anything else. I use one by Lee Stafford which smells amazing.
    But whenever I go to the hairdressers, they never use a heat protectant. So, is it all a money making con?! xx

  7. I use one without fail - if I go even a few days without using one, I really notice how bad my split ends get!
    I now use Lee Stafford's every day I put any type of heat on my hair and my hair looks pretty much like it did when I had it last cut in December. I would recommend it to everyone! xx

  8. I started to use one about a couple months now,I do see a difference-I cannot go without one now. I swear by the Tresemme heat tamer- love it! <3

  9. I use mine all the time:)I use the dove heat defence therapy spray which I would definetley recommend as it leaves your hair really soft&smooth, and I managed to get it for one pound in Wilkinson's!x

  10. I have crazy thick hair that tends to run on the fuzzy side. I use Shielo Antioxidant Leave In Portectant because you CAN physically see the hair being sealed. My hairdresser is on strict orders to let me know if my hair starts drying out (so I can stop with the iron). She says it's fine. And since she doesn't sell me the thermal protector, I believe her.

    Shielo hair leave in protector works great on my hair. You can clearly see the spray protecting your hair from the heat. My hair is really thin and my sisters hair is extremely thick and it works great on both our hair.


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