John Frieda frizz ease 3 day straight..

Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5

What they say:
"transform curly, frizzy hair into a straight, smooth style that lasts upto 3 days."

"Designed to work with your flat iron, this weightless spray with heat protection blocks out frizz as you straighten. A revolutionary blend of polymers with keratin protein wraps each strand sealing in straight style upto 3 days"

What I say:
To be honest I hadn't read many reviews about this certain product so when I had the chance to review it I thought it'd be a challenge..especially with my big, curly frizzy hair!

You must use on damp or wet hair, so I washed my hair and towel dried a little then sprayed the spray evenly through my hair then combed through to make sure the product was distributed evenly. I then blow dried my hair.

After all my hair was dry I ran my fingers through it and it felt disgusting, sticky and just generally ughh! I didn't have time to wash again so then I just proceeded to straighten it and hope for the best. It tells you on the bottle to straighten your hair in sections, which I do anyway. Anyhow..half to an hour later my hair was fully straightened and I was expecting it to feel disgusting still but I was hair was soft smooth and looked extremely silky..impressive.

The big test was the next 2 days..will my hair stay straight/soft as it did when on first used it..well the night I used it was on a night out where usually my hair will go frizzy and have a few kinks round the front and when I stumbled in early hours of the morning my hair wasn't out of place not one kink in sight.

The next day after I slept on it I noticed a little kink round the front but nothing that made me want whip the straighteners out..and day 3? Hair was still rather straight, a few kinks at the ends, again nothing that really bothered me.

Overall I'm really impressed with this product and would recommend to anyone that can't be bothered to straighten their hair everyday. Can be purchased from Boots/Superdrug..not sure about supermarkets and retails for around £5.99-£6.99.


  1. I was abit dubious seeing this and wandered if it actually worked or that it was a gimmick. Gonna try this out the wknd I think. Thanks

  2. I want to try this, bit dubious about the sticky feel though, hate the feel of products in my hair.

    Great review.

    Sadie xx

  3. I tried many many many different products and SHielo's Antioxidant Leave in Protector is the best. I use it on dry hair to smooth away frizz and fly aways.

    I just spray it in the middle of my hair and ends and smooth down the frizz with my hands. I wash my hair 2-3 times a week. After I apply this product, my hair is nice the next day as well, but I sometimes spray even more... it doesn't really matter, i never feel like i have too much on.

    My hair is fine and naturally straight BTW. however i have layers and the ends of my layers are more damaged and frizzy. I use the Shielo product mostly on the ends ...and throughout and the best thing is that it does not weight the hair down it just smooths it a little bit. I hope this helps :)


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