My no1 Fake Tan, ST Moriz Dark...

Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5

What they say:
"St Moriz self tanning mousse dark, a professional flawless tan for a deeper sunkissed glow; instant bronzing, longer lasting, fast drying & no streaks!"

What I say:
As usual I've exfoliated and moisturised before putting on any tan to avoid fake tan disasters. Two pumps of the mousse onto the mitt and I started from top to bottom.

The application is very simple, it took me around 10mins to do my whole body and no signs of streaks/patches as the lovely golden brown guide colour shows you exactly where you've applied it.

I must say for how cheap it is (£2.99) this is definately my number one with Xen Tan following up second. I love how it leaves me looking sunkissed and bronzed with no sign of me looking like I've just been "tangoed". As promised it dries instantly so you don't have to wait around to get dressed after applying, it also mentions it as a long lasting tan which I can vouch for it lasts on me for around 1 week+  and when it does start to fade, it fades evenly and not bits of tan left on your body here and there. 

I purchased this bottle from my local Savers store, if you don't have one around then I've definately saw it on numerous websites. I've also read that theres now a lotion version which I'm keen to try, anyone tried this? how do you rate it to the mousse?


  1. i was using this constantly last summer, after a few months, my skin became very scaly and incredibly dry - even though i was religiously using my body shop body butters! I think the results depend on what type of skin you have, as the moriz tan (for me) faded extremely patchy.

  2. i love st moriz too! but i don't get on with the mousse, the spray is my fav! xx

  3. i like the colour of this, but it just doesn't last on me at all. it acts like an instant, and if it doesn't wash off it goes patchy within a day. it's just not suited to my skin, so annoying :(!

  4. you can get this at bodycare stores too!

  5. I forgot I had a bottle of this. Do you think it'll still be alright after being open about 6 months? Maybe I should just get a new one and not be cheap lol.
    Great review x

  6. I'm going to try the dark next time as the light didn't seem to show too much on me.

    Sadie x

  7. i love st moritz but iv used it so often, and t no longer changes my skin! x

  8. I love this mousse my only complaint is that it just never seems to fade without leaving my skin patchy x

  9. I also really like the St Moriz tanning mousse. Many people can be a bit snobby because of its price but if you can look beyond that it is actually a really good product.


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