How I do my brows...

Firstly, apologies for the picture..I'm the most un-photogenic person in the world and took me loads of shots to try and get a decent picture. In the end I gave up. 

This picture should give you a decent view of my brows, I always shied away from a strong brow until recently when I went to The Clothes Show Live back in December. If you've ever been then you'll know theres lots of different clothing/beauty stalls set up. There was a stall set up which were selling eyebrow stencil kits, now I can't for the life of me remember what this particular brand was named but the lady asked if I would like my brows done so I agreed. 

I hopped off the chair and was given a mirror to look at my newly transformed brows and boy was it a transformation, groomed neat brows make your face look so much better. I was happy with the results so I handed my £20 note over. I think the set came with 3 stencils; natural, thin and thick..I use the "thick" stencil which gives me a lovely shape.

If your after a really strong, groomed brow then I'd definitely look into some eyebrow stencil kits (I'm sure there's cheaper alternatives out there) preferably with powder as I find it gives you more of a stronger colour than a pencil gives you. 


  1. I've just recently got in to shading in my brows and I love the difference it can make! Yours look fab! xx

  2. this kit looks great! im new to a strong brow too but love it now and think i look weird without it! x

    1. I was going to the gym the other day and wasn't wearing any makeup, I had to do my brows because it looked like I had none lol x

  3. Hey doll, don't stay you're unphotogenic, I don't agree, I think you're very pretty, you're unic and you must be proud. I love your style, you inspire me ;) !
    That shadow looks natural I like it

  4. u look so pretty dear!! omg <3 u looks like a barbieee!! :D:D come visit my blog and follow me if u like ^^
    i will really2 appreciate it! :D thanks beforeee, i will definitely follow your gorgeous blog! ^^


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