Permanent Hair Removal – At Home!

Tria Beauty – one of the UK’s leading providers of professional, light-based skincare solutions for use at home.

Hair removal products have been developing rapidly over the last twenty years.  Our mothers may have spent days dutifully shaving and then applying creams and lotions to cover the sore bits, but today’s young (and not so young) women have a range of affordable, simple and effective options at their disposal when it comes to hair removal.  The good news for many of us is that permanent hair removal is now a realistic possibility.  Laser technology has been developed over recent decades for a wide range of industries, ranging from targeted bombing to surgery.  Along the way some bright spark realised the potential that laser technology offered for hair removal.  The best bit is, of course, that this is a ‘final solution’.  So what is laser hair removal, how does it work and is it safe for everybody? 
How it Works
There is a long, complex and techie explanation of laser hair removal technology, but in the interests of keeping things straightforward, it works like this.  Lasers emit pulses of light which are set to specific wavelengths.  In the case of laser hair treatments, this pulse of light is designed to target melanin, which is the dark pigment that creates our skin and hair colour.  The laser uses the melanin to travel to and disable the growth cells in the hair follicle – where the hair forms.  Individual hairs grow in three cycles and the laser needs to destroy the hair growth cells during the growing stage.  For this reason laser treatment takes a series of sessions to remove the hair in a given area completely. 
Who Wins?
Clinic or salon based laser treatments can be costly, as to be effective a cycle of treatments will be required.  Hair on different parts of the body can also require different amounts of treatment and this can affect the number of sessions required.  Laser hair removal is a safe process, but not for every skin type and colour.  Because it attacks the dark pigment in hair it is only suitable for darker hair.  The range of hair colour that is suitable is varied from very dark hair to lighter browns.  However red, grey or blonde hair will not respond to laser treatment.  Additionally, dark skin tones are not suitable as melanin is also the pigment that gives our skin its colour.  Those with very dark skin or black skin will not benefit from laser treatment and, as it can harm the skin, it should be avoided. 
Home Work
Until recently laser treatment for permanent hair removal has been largely available in clinics or salons only.  Today an increasing range of home laser products are available on the market in both the US and, more recently, the UK.  TRIA Beauty reviews have been extremely positive from users on both sides of the Atlantic and there are good reasons for this.  In addition to the ease of use and convenience of a home based treatment, the costs compare extremely favourably.  The laser system offered by TRIA Beauty is a one-time investment that could potentially last a lifetime, although it’s unlikely the permanent hair removal will take that long!   This makes it an accessible product for many more women and allows them to access the benefits of long term hair removal.  The fact that these products are designed for home use adds an appealing element of privacy to the process.  Clinic treatments are great, but not everyone wants to be subjected to the attentions of health and beauty assistants.  By far the majority of TRIA laser hair removal reviews are extremely positive and consistently mention the fact that not only does the system work, but achieves permanent results in a relatively short space of time.  For many women, it seems that the long awaited goodbye to the razor is finally here. 
TRIA Beauty reviews consistently praise the latest in home hair removal products.  With home laser hair removal products more and more women are discovering that the extra hours in the day they have been 
searching for are finally available.
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