Di Palomo Orange Blossom & Wild Honey Eau de Parfum

Di Palomo was a brand I wasn't familiar with until I received some information in my Inbox and was asked if I wanted to try one of the perfumes.

'in July 2003 three friends enjoy lunch overlooking the River Dart in Devon on a perfect, English summer’s day. A second bottle of Verdicchio is opened as they share vivid recollections of time spent in Italy….. ' Inspired to capture their memories with fragrance, Di Palomo was born.'

I chose the Orange Blossom & Wild Honey Eau de Parfum - £22 described as a soft, sweet fragrance inspired by an early evening walk through orange & olive groves above the Bay of Naples. Top notes of bergamot, mandarin & orange blossom lead to middle notes of jasmine, honey & geranium resting on a base of sandalwood, olive and amber & musk.

I received this perfume just as I was about the leave for the airport and after a quick spritz and sniff I chucked it in my suitcase. The smell of the scent is absolutely beautiful, it's very sweet and feminine but not overpowering or sickly like some, I literally cannot stop sniffing my wrist whilst I write this post. 

The packaging is also very simple, yet elegant sitting on your dressing table. I love it! 

Orange Blossom & Wild Honey Eau de Parfum - £22 Available from around 280 stockists nationwide, including John Lewis, and online from www.dipalomo.com 

Has anyone else heard of Di Palomo or even tried any of the products?

*PR Sample


  1. This sounds gorgeous, I've been looking for a new perfume :) x

    1. I wasn't expecting it to smell very nice but it's lovely :) x

  2. This sounds lovely - I've heard so many good things about this brand lately!


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