BLEND Collective Unwinding Hand Cream

Hand cream is something I hardly use, I cannot bare greasy hands/skin that some creams create but theres nothing worse than dry hands. But if I look after the rest of the skin on my body then why not my hands, makes sense. 

I've never heard of BLEND Collective before so I thought it'd be a good opportunity to try out a new brand: 

"A team of leading aromatherapy and perfume experts from the UK have combined their expertise to produce BLEND collective - an exceptional range of truly natural body care."

"Every product is between 99% to 100% natural with a carefully considered blend of delicate essential oils and other powerful natural ingredients, designed to nourish and nurture body and mind."
As you can see from the above picture the packaging is lovely, very basic yet an luxurious/expensive feel. This nourishing hand cream contains a blend of sandalwood, frankincense, cedarwood and neroli  essential oils carefully selected for their deeply relaxing sultry tones which smells amazing, coming from someone who hates the smell of sandalwood!
Overall, aside from making my hands smell amazing, it leaves my skin super soft and silky to touch. I had a dry patch on my knuckle which I put down to being eczema and this cream has made it super smooth again and didn't irritate it. 
You can purchase the BLEND Collective Unwinding Hand Cream here for £12.50, 75ml which I understand is a little steep for an hand cream but it is a luxurious item which would be perfect for a gift idea which brings me to the lovely gifts they have on offer here, perfect for Christmas! 
Has anyone else ever purchased anything from BLEND Collective? Any products you would recommend?
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  1. I have never tried anything from blend, I haven't even heard of the brand before now, I could do with some more hand cream now it's getting colder, I have the greasy feeling as well but this sounds good to me xx


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