Crownbrush 613 7pc HD Set

"HD Brushes have been making a big impact in the beauty industry to work alongside HD photography and filming. The 7 Piece Crownbrush is a combination of quality dense Nylon bristles for precise application which are perfectly adapted to the new generation of cream and liquid make-up, and are becoming increasingly popular with professional make-up artists. Used with powder shadows, they pick up smaller quantities of product, producing extremely subtle effects for a flawless high definition finish. The 7 piece set comes in patent leather case with a Mixing Palette and Spatula. 

7pc. HD Set includes one of each of the following:

1X Powder 
1X Foundation
1X Blush
1X Blending Crease
1X Oval Shadow
1X Pointed Liner 
1X Double Sided Spatula
1X Metal Mixing Plate
1X Patent Leather Case"

This little set of HD brushes are amazing, and literally the brushes you need on a daily basis to apply your face!

Powder Brush

This powder brush is extremely soft, can be used for multiple products but powder is what I prefer as the bristles aren't as dense as normal powder brushes which is why I love this brush over my other brushes. Applies powder beautifully over the skin giving it a flawless HD finish. LOVE!

Foundation Brush

Not overly keen using this as foundation brush as it's super soft and not as dense as I would like, another brush that can be used for multiple products but shall give it another whirl with foundation as it's been rated on the Crownbrush website as an excellent foundation brush!

Blush Brush

I prefer my blush brushes to be a little larger than this little one, but it can be used for multiple products as it's small and extremely dense. I prefer this brush for contouring but like I said can be used for multiple use of products: concealer, highlighting. Personally I've never used it a blush brush but obviously will give it a whirl!

Blending Crease Brush

Before I received this set I never ever experimented with eyeshadow, unless you count bright white eyeshadow back in the day..what was I thinking!? But as these brushes are super simple to use I've now mastered a decent eyeshadow application for a night out...thanks Crownbrush! Just simply apply your desired eyeshadow onto the tips of the bristles and gently, back and fourth blend your shadow into your crease. 

Oval Shadow Brush

Again, super simple to use..extremely soft and dense..perfect for eyeshadow application. 

Pointed Liner Brush

Perfect brush for applying gel eyeline!

I can't get over the price of this set...just £29.99 and the brush are extremely soft and great value for money and do not shed one single hair when washed and keep the exact shape too which can't be said for more expensive brushes I own.

Best of all I have a 10% discount for you guys where you can buy this set here or can be used on other Crownbrush products just simply enter FINJA13 at the checkout!


  1. These brushes sound and look lovely! I'd love to try them.

    Kimberley x (currently running an international MAC giveaway)


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