Chloe Sims 1 Hour Tanning Mousse

"Chloe Sims' 1 Hour Tanning Mousse from her very own Starship Tan range is a best seller. This fabulous 1 Hour Mousse is odourless, non-sticky and fast drying which develops into a beautiful natural looking tan in only 1 hour which will last for 5 to 7 days."

Here I am again reviewing another fake tan product but I can't get enough. Prior to this tan I was using Lauren's Way Darker Than Dark which didn't leave me darker than dark and made my hands look disgusting yuck!

What attracted me to this tan is the claims that you get a beautiful natural looking tan in an hour, great if you're in a rush. So I pop a timer on my phone and check the progress of the tan, an hour passes and I'm still not as dark as I would like to be so I leave it on for another hour..2 hours in total and then jump in the shower.

After I've showered I'm really happy with the end result, until later on in the evening I can see my hands are getting darker and my knuckles look like I've been dragging them through the mud, not like they was looking several hours ago and then I realised it's still developing so I wash my hands in hope that I've washed the remainder off my hands...

Next morning this is the result of a 2 hour tan, yep carried on developing through the night even though I showered and washed my hands several times throughout the evening. Luckily the rest of my body is fine but I cringe when I look at my hands and see the tan has clung to my knuckles..not a good look. Anyone else have this problem with tan? I don't even use a fresh pump of mousse just the remainder of what's on the mitt. VILE!


  1. ahh how annoying?
    I really like the No.7 tan or dove gradual tanner, the one in the gold bottle :) xx

    1. I'll have to look at the no7 one..I've ordered the cocoa brown so hopefully that works x

  2. I already gave up on tanning mousses a looong time ago because of the horrible orange color & sticky feeling (ended up ruining few clothes), but this one seems like something that could work on me! :) I just can't find a place that ships them outside UK :s
    Anyway, thanks for the review! <3

    1. I wouldn't recommend anyway so you aren't missing out ;) x


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