Cocoa Brown 1 Hour instant tan

'Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan is part of the award winning Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter sunless tanning range. It has experienced unprecedented success since it stormed the tanning market late last year and is now considered a cult beauty item by beauty insiders'

If you haven't heard about Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan by Marissa Carter then you've been living under a rock, this pink can is popular amongst the blogging community with everyone praising it to the high heavens but not me unfortunately. 

If you know me or a reader of my blog then you'll know I love fake tan, there isn't a day that I'm not sporting bronzed skin and probably couldn't tell you my natural skin tone although it's on the verge of pale, pasty and it just doesn't suit me!

Now I'd class myself as a professional tanner, I've been applying the stuff for along as I can remember so I can do my full body in under 10 minutes, impressive I know. As a beauty blogger you instantly get sucked into these rave reviews, you trot down to the nearest Superdrug or whip your card out online and it's on your door step within a few days. I was late on the Cocoa Brown wagon spray tans were my best friend and I could never find a bottled tan that compared so I thought I'd try the Cocoa Brown, with it's rave reviews it would convert me wouldn't it? Read on...

The bottle is very snazzy, hair mousse in a tan form GREAT I love the bottle/packaging and the mousse itself is very smooth and glides onto the skin beautifully. As it's light brown I really struggle to see the guide colour going onto my skin and where I've applied it so I know it isn't going to turn out too well. As I like my tan dark I leave it on for the required time of 3 hours or overnight doesn't really make a difference to me and then I shower it off. I was extremely disappointed how light the tan was against my skin, I'm not casper pale but you couldn't even tell I was wearing tan, not in a good way either. I had a little hint of colour on my skin which left me disappointed and not to mention the streaks and patches on my skin.

Unfortunately Cocoa Brown didn't work for me, St Tropez all the way! 


  1. Hi Carly,
    I hope that you are well - I notice that you haven't posted for a few weeks. I hope that this is just because you are busy and not giving up blogging :/
    I've nominated you for a Liesbter Award because I would like to know more about you and your blog. Check out my blog post for more info - I look forward to reading your post response xx


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