Honesty is the best policy...

A few weeks ago whilst travelling to an interview I found a mobile phone in the taxi on the way back home, I put it in my bag and said nothing. I went home and looked through the phone to see if it had any telephone numbers on and discovered it might have belonged to a little girl. I decided to let someone call the phone first so when someone did I asked for their address and sent the phone out.

Today I've discovered a envelope addressed to me in the post and opened it to reveal a hand made card and inside £20, and a very cute messaged saying how thankful she was to receive the phone back as it had some special photographs on etcc

Reading the card has nearly made me cry on how cute the message was and Im also thankful for the £20, now Im searching the house high and low to see whether I can find the little girls address to send her a xmas gift!

So cute and really has made my day =]


  1. That really is too cute! I think she would LOVE an xmas gift from you...=)

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