What it claims to do...

"Dry up whiteheads and surface pimples overnight with this effective, fast-acting potion. A few drops of our world famous Drying Lotion before bed will speed healing and reduce spreading of acne eruptions. Will not irritate or dry surrounding skin. for all skin types"

My claim...

So after reading positive reviews on the net I decided to put an order in on HQ hair where I paid £14.50 for 29ml..bloody expensive right?! so was hoping for a miracle on those pesky whiteheads (gross sorry)

Right so you have to dab one drop of solution onto the erupted area overnight, by doing this you have to use a q tip and dip it in to the pink sediment..easy peasy!

The smell is a little overpowering to some, it smells like....vicks vapour rub..the thing that you sniff when you have a cold. Anyway I followed the instructions on how to apply and applied it on a nasty pimple before I went to bed..I woke to find the head gone but still a red pimple still I applied again before I went to bed and woke to find a horrible whitehead looking back at me..ughh!

This thing is totally useless and always does this..removes the head but appears again the night after. I feel like throwing it up the wall but because of the price I shall continue to use now and again and let it sit in the bathroom cabinet for the time being whilst the trusty sudocrem is doing the trick!

Would I repurchase? NO NO NO!


  1. Isn't that just the absolute worst? I used to waste money on stuff like that and just get soooo mad haha but now i have an awesome esthetician who's helped me out a lot with the Dermaquest line of products, it's pricey but it works!!!

    I really love your blog, very cute and your outfits are lovely! and you have very pretty hair! haha

    have a good day :)


  2. awww gutted it doesn't work - i'm plagued by the dreaded whiteheads and NOTHING gets rid grrrr xxx

    p.s. i only just found your blog and it's tres fab :) i just started my own one, so please do have a nosy

  3. I was going to buy this as it has got a few good reviews of late but now i think I will skip it.

    Thanks for the review!!

  4. Why pay that much?? Sudocreme works best!! You have loads of expensive products you think are crap,, put them on ebay x

  5. Because it's the most raved about spot "miracle" worker so thought I'd try it out



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