Winter is creeping upon us..

Therefore I decided my leather biker jacket won't be very practical soon and need something that will keep me warm in the dreaded winter months so I bought this baby after spotting it instore a few weeks back:

My pic (click for a larger view)

Taken from Topshop website, how cute is the little bow at the back.

I can't wait to wear is with big knitted jumpers/scarf :)


  1. After "i" spotted it you mean ;). I was going to get it!! What size did you get in the end? x

  2. Erm no I saw it, you never said you was going to get it anyhow :]

    Size 10..fits perfect

  3. OO very nice. I like the color.. much more elegant than boring old black (which is what i always end up buying) xx

  4. sooo cute! love the bow on the back!


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