Cleansing oils: Dermalogica precleanse...

Packaging: 4 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5
Where to purchase? Online, Dermalogica stockists
Price: Depending where you buy
What they say:

Dermalogica Precleanse is the professional's deep cleansing weapon! Achieve ultra clean and healthy skin with a double cleansing regimen that begins with Dermalogica PreCleanse. 
What I say:

Who would think this little bottle of greasy oil would be a staple* in most peoples skin regime eh?? Well I can tell you it's certainly a staple in mine, first off I use a make up wipe to remove any make up that I have on (you don't have to do this, but I like to know all of my makeup has gone) I then shake a generous amount into my hands and rub it all onto my face in circular motions, after I've done that I then wet my hands and again, massage over..this should then create a milky emulsion which I then wash off and follow with my clinique 3 step (minus the moisturiser) and what do we have? A squeaky clean make up free face with no traces whatsoever :)

This has a gorgeous scent to it aswell which I can't describe, the only downside to this and why I've knocked a point off it because it has no pump applicator, it isn't really a problem but I reckon a pump would be so much better. The price varies depending where you purcahse, I think it's cheaper online though..I think this cost me like 15-20£ mark but as lasted me well over a year as you need the tiniest bit.

*Cleansing oils aren't a must have in peoples regimes..I just like to use it at night time to make sure every trace of makeup comes off and my face is clean.


  1. I, too, am a HUGE fan of PreCleanse. I was hesitant to start using it...didn't want to spend the extra time. But I have been a loyal PreCleanse user for 4 years now! It is AMAZING at removing makeup (especially mascara), and my skin looks and feels much smoother and conditioned. Great stuff!!!


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