A well earned March Fave. . .+

Hey lovelies, I apologise for the lack of posts lately…I have no blogging motivation atm :(

So what's this well earned fave then?
I always wandered what my friend used to give her that healthy looking colour/glow on her cheeks, and then whilst getting ready for a night out I saw this little beauty staring back at me and placed an order straight away.

I’ve never saw this blush mentioned anywhere on any blogs surprisingly but it’s absolutely gorgeous, so gorgeous that I've constantly using it everyday since I purchased which was a few months back.

Apologies for the crappy lighting :(


  1. it looks a lovely colour, its great that you finally got your hands on it


  2. I absolutely loveeee that colour!
    I've been eyeing it up for ages at House of Fraser MAC haha.
    I think you may have given me the motivation to actually buy it haha!

    great post, love Eliza x

  3. I know what you mean about this blush, I saw in a CCO a few weeks back and new straight away I was having it, especially with it being cheaper than normal. I love it and am so surprised at how few people mention it! x


  4. It's beautiiiiiful :)

    Def next on your list Eliza xx


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