Dr. Bronner's tea tree liquid soap

Dr. Bronner's tea tree castile liquid soap*

I'm not sure whether some of you are aware of a brand called "Dr. Bronners" I know I certainly wasn't aware of this particular brand but boy am I glad I did....

"Dr. Bronners all-one soaps have been part of the natural lifestyle since the late 1950s.

These versatile soaps can be used to wash hair, body, cuts and dishes. They contain only 100% pure, high quality essential oils and organic ingredients"

Ingredients: Water, Saponified Organic Coconut & Olive oils (w/ retained Glycerin), Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Tea Tree Oil, Citric Acid, Vitamin E

Tea tree oil is a well known natural antiseptic that helps heal cuts and bruises and also skin conditions such as acne.  Whilst I don't have acne myself I do suffer from breakouts, chin area in particular and we all know how spots make us feel so I though I'd give this a go.

The consistency of the soap is very runny/water like and what I do is pour a little bit into my palm, 5p size drop and then run my free hand under the tap and then rub together, you'll have a really good lather (avoid eyes though as it stings if you get any of the product in there) After you've rinsed your face you'll notice how soft and clean your skin feels, absolutely amazing and doesn't leave your skin feeling tight. I've also used this with my clarisonic and works just as well, pour some onto your clarisonic brush head and then add a little water and use as normal.

I've only been using this soap for a good few weeks now, long enough to put it to it's test. I haven't had any breakouts or new spots appear since. Would definitely recommend a try if your suffering from spots/acne and see how your skin likes it. Anyone else tried Dr. Bronners range? What did you think?

Prices vary depending which ml you decide to purchase.

Buy here for the full range, ASOS are also stocking some of the Dr. Bronner's range.


  1. I've been wanting to try this out! I had forgotten the brand!! so glad you did a review on it!

  2. I just received it from feelunique.com and i can't wait to try it out. the only thing that i will probably always dislike it the smell, but i can live with it :)
    and thank you so much for review! i was searching for reviews on it and very glad i found yours! :)

  3. Do you have a Youtube account?

    1. I don't, I have thought about it but my accent is terrible lol x


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