My guide to big voluminous hair without backcombing..

Introducing the John Frieda Luxurious Volume range..

Firstly I think you guys should get a little background into my hair, my hair is very long and rather thick and "heavy" which means backcombing my hair is a waste of time because it's heavy no hairspray seems to hold it in place. 

Now everyone loves/wants some volume in their hair to give it some shape and body and that's where these particular products come in...firstly I wash my hair with John Frieda thickening shampoo to make my hair more thicker/fuller then I'll gently towel dry my hair and then use the thickening mousse, shake well and distribute some product into the palm of your hand, rub together and starting from root to tip distribute the mousse through your hair. 

What I then use is the blow dry lotion, I spritz some under the back of my hair at the sides underneath and then at the top of my hair..don't forget to spray at the roots! Now it's time to blow dry your hair, I use a diffuser and a soft round brush lifting hair at the roots (refer to John Frieda Youtube video here on for step by step guide).

Then after the hair is fully dried you WILL notice a difference in how huge your hair is, if you have naturally straight hair then even better as you don't have to do anything with it. Now for me, I have a big mop of hair to tackle so I have to straighten it. After I straighten it I then use 4 velcro rollers at the crown of my head to give it some extra body, If I was to go out on a night out then I'd cover my head in med-large rollers but it isn't necessary for daytime and would be time consuming. 

Lastly...take the rollers out and embrace the volume and finish it off with a spray of thickening hairspray to maintain your volume all day.

Please visit the John Frieda youtube channel which can be found here for lots of different tricks and tips.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Great tips :) x

  2. such a great blog sweety!!! follow each other? would be great much love <3


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