Crest 3D White 2-Hour Express Whitestrips

I'm sure most of you have heard about the 'Crest Whitestrips' if not then I'll introduce you:

"Crest Whitestrips were introduced in 2001 and have become the number one selling teeth whitening product in the US. The product is used by placing a disposable plastic strip directly onto the teeth that contains an enamel safe whitening gel"

I've never been the one to have heavily stained yellow teeth, just a stain here and there but nothing drastic. Ever since I saw more and more celebs with pearly whites I knew I wanted a set too but with professional tooth whitening so damn expensive I needed a cheaper alternative. I scoured the net for the most effective teeth whitening treatment at home and kept on noticing the Crest Whitestrips popping up and seeing peoples results I knew I had to try them out.

Crest Whitestrips aren't readily available in the UK like they are in the US so ordering offline is a must. I get mine off ebay for £7 something including postage which is cheap. (if you want the seller then please ask) I use the 2 hour express but there is tons of others that Crest do but haven't tried them out yet. 

When they first popped through my letter box I was scared of using them just incase my teeth went crazily sensitive, some of the other whitestrips do cause sensitivity but haven't had a problem with sensitivity when using these ones thank god. 

As stated in the instructions, do not brush your teeth immediately before applying the strips, peel back the strips from the backing and apply the gel side to your teeth aligning the strips with gum line and press gently and fold the rest of the strip behind your teeth to keep in place. Simple!

After 2 hours, remove and discard and you should be left with pearly whites (obviously depending on any stains you may have etc: Like I said, my teeth weren't in a bad state at all just a little discoloured so you'd probably need more use before you see the desired result

Apologies for the instagram pictures as it was a quick post, can find my instagram carlyslym


  1. Hey hun, could you email me the sellers details please?? I want teeth like yours!!

  2. hey could you email me the seller? i want to try these!!


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