Natural Collection 'Fig leaf' dupe for Limecrime Cashmere?

Natural Collection 'Fig Leaf' £1.99

Limecrime velvetines are almost impossible to get hold of in the UK now, especially one of the most sought after shades 'Cashmere' which is a browny, almost grey/purpley undertone to it. 

When browsing depop someone posted that Natural Collection has a shade similar to Cashmere, 'Fig Leaf' if you live in the UK Natural Collection is a Boots own brand and extremely cheap, unless you really look its one to walk past with it's cheap, un sturdy white packaging it doesn't exactly grab your attention! If I didn't see this on Depop I wouldn't have discovered it. 

I've used Natural Collection lipstick before in 'Apple Blossom' any bloggers remember that? With it's moisturising formula you know it tends to snap off because of how cheap the formula is. Anyway, I really want Cashmere but I refuse to pay £40+ on eBay for a £12.50 lipstick so when I saw it was a dupe I picked it up. 

As you can see from the swatch above it's brown shade whereas Cashmere looks more grey to me. I feel Fig Leaf changes slightly when on the lips but isn't a great dupe but ever so slightly similar and as I said for £1.99 it doesn't break the bank even if it does stay on the lips for 10 mins. 


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