NYX Cosmetics..

After reading Laurens blog (Beautique) I noticed that she purchased some NYX products, knowing that they only sell them in the US I've never really took a look at the site, after looking at the lipglosses/lipstick I realllllly want some of them, stupid UK for not selling them..typical!! Although I'm going to look through the makeup stall in town on Tuesday and see if they have any NYX stuff on there.

I love this one lipgloss in particular..Dolly Pink, such a gorgeous color.


  1. I wish more places here sold them, i've only ever seen them in that one shop but i've been stalking the website loads over this past few days haha and I really want more of the nyx products! They are so good. And that colour is so pretty, it reminds me of a barbie :) x

  2. I gave up on getting them shipped, and I bought a whole bunch off ebay. Very reasonable, and the seller was a high rep. power seller. (adepoy5091 I think)
    Good luck.


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