Spot the difference...

Did you spot the difference? Well there isn't that much of a difference really 'cept for the bottom ones have 2 buckles and a thinner heel.

The other difference is the price..the top ones are £585!!

Bottom ones....£15!!

Obviously the top ones are Gucci and the bottom are Primark!! And I actually prefer the Primark ones but who knows what they're like irl?! I'm yet to see them.


  1. Oh my god thats crazy, did you say 15?? They look identical.

  2. Thanks for your sweet words!

  3. I hate Primark. They make things so badly it is a joke. Those £15 shoes would last an hour probably.

  4. Wow they look alright from the photo, these are actually the first knockoffs I've seen of those killer Guccis..weirdly enough!

  5. hey you! if you love so much Daisy you should came to party in Ldn..she;s great!


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