Happy New Year

I hope everyone has a great New Year..unfortunately I won't be out celebrating the New Year this year as I had to phone into work sick yesterday as I thought I was coming down with the flu..feeling achy and a really bad head. Well I've recovered from that and been left with a really nasty cough and wheezy chest. Although I may go round my friends house for some drinks later on.

Also had another nasty suprise this morning when I went to the hairdressers and out "shopping" I hadn't been paid my wages into my bank account, I later found out that Nationwide had some sort of "technical" thing with their computers last night and didn't pay anything into a majority of peoples bank account so you can imagine I was really p*ssed off!

I finally got my hands on a black sequin skirt in the sale and only had a 10 left but it was big so I checked the site and they had a size 8 left although when I wanted an 8 they never had any stock left?? So the 10 can go back and fingers crossed the 8 will arrive.

I also want this bag.


  1. thanks! my tutorial will be up shortly! <3

  2. Happy new year. I love the bag, it's so cute.

  3. i wouldnt mind that bag either
    or the skirt in that case
    ha ha x

  4. shoes were from faith at debenhams
    ahh i never usually shop there but i ended up having a peek and discovering those bad boys! ha ha x


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