I had a nice little suprise today when I went into work, there was nothing to do as all the old stock was being off for a stock take (maybe for new stock to come in?) so we had the option to stay and basically do nothing..well clean but I didn't fancy that for 9hrs. So I took the day off as part of my holiday and so did some of the other staff!!

Now Im at home, out of my uniform and in snuggly warm PJs whilst it's snowing outside :) and how slippy isit today on the path?!

Anywayyy I braved the cold yesterday and went into town to pick up the bag that I posted below but they only had it in white and I hate white bags, although it looks really tiny than it does on the site. I managed to pick up a top (boring) and my topshop parcel came yesterday aswell although I dunno whether it's meant to have big gapping baggy underarms? Maybe I should've got the 6..


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  2. I love the striped top, that is exactly what I need to fill in on winter days when I have no clue what to wear.


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