After reading mixed reviews on the 3in1 tinted cream I thought Id try it out for myself as I had some spare money in my Paypal + it was free shipping :)

I was bored today so decided to give my blog a little "make over", I tidied the blog roll up on the right as it was untidy and put a new background on! All I need now is some followers ;)

My blog is gonna be pretty crappy over the next few weeks as I had an op yesterday which prevents me from wearing makeup until it's healed up, so no wearing makeup for me..or going out for that matter :'(


  1. Dont worry your blog looks great to me. That eyeco cream is great..touch to figure out how to make it work for you.. but once you do get it working.. its amazing!!

  2. Ohh let me know how you get on with this, i keep eyeing it up but never get round to trying it.

  3. Your blog layout is adorable! ...I hope you heal quickly :)


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