Conical Wand...

Babyliss conical wand came today and tried it out. I wish I never bothered as I hatttte my hair curly so Im gonna sell it I think. Hoping that I get my exact money back though :(

Is anyone interested or knows anyone else Im gonna have to ebay it.


  1. i keep hearing about these conical wands!
    loving your blog.
    Come check out mine if you get a chance. Hope to see you around there soon!
    xx Belle

  2. I'd love to buy it off you! I have one already, but its in black and I could always use a back up. Send me an email re sale!

    PS - great blog.

  3. If you haven't sold this yet I am just about to buy one so would buy it off of you :) Email add is on my blog if you wanna get in touch :) xxx


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