Sept Faves...+

Illamasqua Katie Blush, MAC Saint Germain Lippie, MAC Loverush Blush..

Illamasqua Katie Blush - I absolutely love this blush one of my new faves that I've been reaching for everyday since I bought it, def recommend ♥

Saint Germain - I've never looked at this lippie before but when I was couped up in bed with swiney I thought I'd put a MAC order in. When I first used it I had no make up on and it just looked..eugh but I wore it last night and l o v e it!

Loverush - In the pic it looks dark/browny color but MAC describes it as a faded burgundy, which it is! I love this but Im finding it really hard to blend for some reason.

Ohh and thank you to everyone who commented on my previous post :) Im much better now..♥ you all.


  1. I am going to get that Illamasqua blusher - love it! x

  2. Super pretty favs, Im loving the blusher I really want Hussy but now after seeing this one I just dont know anymore I may have to change my mind or buy both lol

  3. Great choices, LOVE Sainy Germain

  4. i love saint germain...and i really want to get looks lovely...xoxo

  5. Could you do a pic of st. g on your lips? How wearable is it?

  6. great blog

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