MAC Style Black & DSquared...

Finally, sorry about the lack of posts..been a busy bee :)

Ok so I only picked up one or two bits from each of the two collections..

Style Black:
Grease paint stick; black

Kohl pencil; feline
Nude rose lipstick


feline, greasepaint stick (which as gorgeous purple running through but the camera didn't pick it up, don't think you can see it that well on the eyes either) & nude rose (Im not particulary "feeling" this atm, will try out tomorrow and report back!

I didn't pick up much, wish I grabbed the volcanic exfoliator now though as I love exfoliators..maybe pick it up when Im near MAC

Anyhow just a quick post to let you all know Im still around :] ohh and Phoebe asked for a swatch of Saint Germain on the lips..I'll do this tomorrow.


  1. i got nude rose also. its beautiful!

  2. i also got Nude Rose ... probably my new favourite :)

  3. i love your blog! great post, the only thing i got from style black was gilt by association & i love it. i have a haul on my blog, but tomorrow or very soon i will put pictures of how i wore it

  4. Hiya, i got the greasepaint too and used it last night when i went out with the blue flame eyeshadow, it looks awesome but i forgot to take pics!! x


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