Review: Cloud Nine Wide Iron…

So who are we?
We're the founders of GHD, and we've reunited with Unil Electronics, the inventors of the original ghd* iron. Cloud Nine is a range of professional irons that provide a beautiful natural finish - without the heat damage. They allow you to achieve a vast array of styles, at lower temperatures. They also have a secret ingredient trapped within their unique black ceramic plates, a mysterious element that adds shine and sparkle to the hair every time they're used.

  • Temperature control panel
  • Black ceramic plates
  • Swivel cord
  • Heat guard
  • Hibernation mode
  • RFID chip
  • Dual adaptor 

 My thoughts..

After reading numerous blog posts on these irons I wanted to get my hands on some, basically because how much they compared to GHDs but with the controllable heat settings…just what I needed. 

Right, so a little info about my hair is naturally curly, but with frizz! It’s very thick and very long so takes around an hour to straighten (with GHDs) I don’t blow dry so I let it dry naturally, I wash it..let it dry..straighten the next day. I received the “wide iron” perfect for thick hair like mine and I was hoping that it would half the time of straightening. I parted my hair into sections and turned on the iron to find my desired heat setting (I use 150°) which heated up quite fast, about same time as GHDs and then I got started (you all know how to straighten hair right?)..I find it such a chore straightening hair so I was pleased when it took just around 45mins to do the whole lot :] although I did find it did snag my hair in some places whereas GHDs doesn’t, but some people haven’t experienced this.
Overall I’m a very happy lady, not only did they give me the same results as my GHDs but gave me less damage whilst they worked their magic! Infact my GHDs have now been put back in their box and will eventually be taken out again..but not just yet ;]

Price: £129.95
Where to buy: Here

- Please note these straighteners were kindly sent to me for reviewing by the lovely Claire over at cloud nine and that everything I've wrote is based on my own, honest opinion!


  1. Oooh, the more and more fab reviews I read about these - the more i need them in my life! My GHDs are ok...but like you, i have uber thick curly hair so anything that will relieve the hour's chore of straightening must be a good thing!! :)xx

  2. i love my cloud nine's more than my GHDs! my hair is so shiney after i use them.

    Lu xo

  3. Oh lucky girl! I would love to try these because i've heard such good things..but im still not entirely convinved by the lower heat?! My hair quite bad at the ends due to heat so I would love to believe it works :) but umming and ahhing..its a big price to pay on something you are unsure of! I dare..


  4. Ohh fab, this si the first review i've seen on these. I have really thick hair too and it takes forever to straighten! x


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