St Moriz Tanning Lotion...

Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 4

What they say:
"St Moriz instant self tanning lotion comes in a pump action bottle for a healthy golden tan all year round.  A professional flawless tan for a golden sunkissed glow, gives you instant bronzing, no streaks, longer lasting and moisturising."

What I say:
If your a regular reader of my blog then you must know how much I LOVE fake tan, and especially how much I love St Moriz fake tan in particular (voted my no1 fake tan here) so when I heard they was releasing it in a lotion form I was very excited to try it out but unfortunately couldn't find it in my local Savers so a lovely PR lady aimee emailed me asking if I would like to try it out as she read my previous review on the mousse.

Soon as the postman greeted me with the parcel I was rather excited to try it out, that night I slathered on the lotion with the St Moriz tanning mitt and began applying it to my body (top to bottom, circular motions, you know how it goes) instantly the golden brown colour guide starts to develop showing you exactly where you've applied it so not to worry about any streaking etc. After applying I like to leave it on over night just so it can develop for a little longer! Then in the morning, take a shower to wash off the guide colour, don't worry the tan won't fade it will leave you with a better colour.

How does it compare to the mousse? Well I don't see a drastic difference from the lotion to the mousse if I'm honest with you, some people complained that the lotion isn't as dark which I have to agree with a teeny bit..theres not much of a big difference though. But apart from that theres no difference at all, some find mousse easier to apply (I prefer mousse, in this anyway) than lotions but it doesn't bother me aslong as I have a dark golden tan at the end I'm a happy girl.

 Lotion retails for £2.99, depending where you purchase. I get mine from Savers, theres various online stores and I've also seen it selling in Morrisons now too.

P.S St Moriz if your reading, PLEASEEE make an even mega darker tan.


  1. Do you have to wash off the base colour like you do with the mousse?

  2. I love St Moriz, it's fab for the price :) xxx

  3. @ The Brunette, sorry I forgot to mention that, yes you have to wash it off.

    @ Amy, it's great isn't it? So cheap and works amazingly!


  4. I think I may be the only person in the blogging world who hasn't tried this! Must get some.


  5. i do prefer the mousse's amazing value and quality! xxx

  6. I really want this now, but i dont think it exists in australia !

    Fabulous review and great blog..

    Im having a HUGEE giveaway thats ending in about a week so please check it out !!

  7. St. Moriz is amazing! It works just as well as St. Tropez in my opinion. No streaks and a lovely golden colour.

    They also sell it in Tesco now too, but i've been getting mine off Amazon :)

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