Lauren's Way tanning lotion...

Packaging: 2
Quality: 5
Overall: 5

What they say:
"Tan lotion has an inspired formula which is specifically created to give you the richest, deepest tan. Infused with a silky moisturiser and long lasting colour, simply smooth on to deliver an ultra even tan."

What I say:
As you are probably aware Lauren Goodger from The only way is Essex bought out a tanning range a while back now and had to try it out obviously.

First impressions; the packaging looks awfully cheap and not pretty at all, but I guess it's what counts on the inside right?

Don't let the horrible packaging put you off because I must say this tan is amaziiiiing. At first I didn't get along with this tan at all, twice I tried it out and went patchy and horrible but then I gave it another chance and so glad I did. Moisturising a few days before is definitely the key.

Anyway, I pumped a few blobs of the tan onto my mitt and was greeted with a dark brown lotion, lovely! The consistency of the tan is perfect, not too runny/sticky nor impossible to rub in. I then began rubbing the tan onto my skin in circular motions from head to toe. After finishing my whole body I had the perfect dark, golden bronze tan which develops into a more darker colour as the day goes on. When I first applied it I was going out on the night so didn't have time to wash off the guide colour but it wasn't a problem, I didn't have patchy legs from several drinks being spilled on me..phew! So it also works amazing as an instant tan if your in a rush and need to go out. Lasting power? lasted around 5/6 days which I think is good considering I showered everyday.

Price £15.95 but you can purchase the tanning kit for £20 instead of £34 which I think is mega cheap.

You tried this? what do you think?


  1. I've seen this advertised all over twitter so it's nice to read a review on it finally :)

  2. the lasting power sounds really great! :)


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