Kérastase Bain De Force shampoo

Another hair care post from me and thought I'd share with you my favourite shampoo, it's the Kérastase resistance bain de force shampoo which I absolutely love!

"Kérastase Bain De Force is a reinforcing and refreshing shampoo for weakened hair. It's strengthening formula will gently cleanse whilst adding body and vitality to leave your hair stronger and shinier and with improved health."

"Formulated with Vita-Ciment which instantly rebuilds the internal substance of the hair fibre"

As expected, from regular use of heat; straightening, blowdrying and colouring it's going to take toll on the appearance/strength of your hair that's why using a strengthening shampoo/treatment is essential for your hair.

With me having very long hair and straightening it on a daily basis I like to keep it in tip top condition and really take care of my locks, that's why I'm introducing you to my favourite shampoo. I've been using this now for...god knows how long...maybe 1/2 years and can honestly say that it's definitely improved the condition/look of my hair. With every use it leaves my hair feeling much more stronger/healthier and keeps away those split ends that everyone dreads which is why I couldn't recommend it enough.

I purchase this online for around £11-13 for 250ml depending which site you order from, which I know your probably thinking it's too expensive for a shampoo but if it works and can see a difference from every use then I couldn't care less about the price. 

Anyone else used the Kérastase resistance range, what do you think?


  1. I've just finished a bottle of this an my hair felt so much stronger, then i tried some VO5 and it was awful my hair felt so dry n the shampoo smelled so badly of chemicals. I totally agree with you about spending a little extra on shampoo if it works and it lasts ages. x

  2. This is my favourite shampoo ever! Haven't had it for a while as I switched to Aveda but this post has reminded me that I need to buy it next time I run out! x


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