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Quick post for a site recommendation buyeyelashes.co.uk which was mentioned on Twitter by one of the makeup artists (Lyndsey Harrison) who's working on the girls of The Only Way Is Essex.

Lyndsey mentioned that she used the Red Cherry lashes #40 and #101 in particular on the TOWIE girls so thought I'd check it out.

This site is amazing, speedy delivery and so cheap, I paid £2-£4 for each set, all the lashes are extremely good quality (I've worn the top 2 several of times and still have lots of wear out of them)

So if your after cheap/good quality lashes then I suggest you pop over to the site and take a look.

(I use the Duo lash glue which I purchased from eBay for £5)


  1. Ohh wow, I'm definitely going to have a look! It'll be interesting to see what you think of the lashes - they look gorgeous! xxx

  2. love this post, i need to purchase those 101s! just letting you know you made my top blogs list on my recent blog post :)



  3. Great post! I am a huge fan of fulsies and can never have enough! I will certainly be using this site very soon! Thnaks for letting us know! :) x

  4. Awesome, thanks for such a great review and recommendation! Much appreciated!
    I'm obsessed with false lashes so will be checking these out STRAIGHT away!!!!!
    Those 40's may just make my 50th pair! - Favourites!

    Katie xx



  5. Thanks for this :) will definitely have to check it out xx

  6. I like the #110, I'm definitely going to check them out.


  7. Ohhh I'm a massive fake eyelash fan, defiantly going to try these out they look great!!! X

  8. Ive never tried these lashes but thats really kl they used them on the TOWIE girls! I need to check em out them...



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