Congested skin? Here is your answer..

Hey lovelies, if you follow me on Twitter then you should know that I tweeted for some recommendations for congested skin (chin area). The lovely Emma from computergirls blog did give me some tips but I decided to continue using this particular product.

Paula's Choice 2% beta hydroxy acid liquid (it does sound rather scary but promise it's not). If you've never heard of Paula's Choice then I'll give you a little introduction to the brand, Paula Begoun is the creator and innovative force behind Paula's Choice skin care and cosmetics. With more than 25years of extensive experience in the beauty industry (read more here)

I had congestion around the chin area; bumpy skin/blackheads which was deep in the pores and nothing, I mean nothing would shift it until I continually used this product. I purchased this product a good few months back now, probably the beginning of the year and never really stuck to using it as I couldn't see a difference in my skin. Anyway fast forward to 2 weeks ago or so and this congestion really started to bother me as I catched a glimpse of myself in a tesco mirror, my chin just looked vile and bumpy even though I had no spots the problem was deep under the skin. Thats when I whipped out the BHA known best for exfoliating deep under the skin surface to fight stubborn blemishes and blackheads. I persisted with this liquid constantly every night for around 2 weeks, maybe less and now I am happy to say I'm absolutely thrilled with my skin, the bumps have disappeared drastically..I can't even see them now, my skin is so smooth. The liquid also helps fade those pesky red marks that a spot leaves behind (with a little help from my Bio Oil)

So if you suffer with congested skin then I seriously recommend looking at Paula's Choice exfoliant range (BHA/AHA) I know it's pricey but definitely worth every single penny in my opinion.

Tip: Don't give up using it after a week or so if you can't see a difference, let it work it's magic. 

Price: £19.95
Where to buy? Here


  1. Oh this sounds really good, where did you buy it?x

  2. Hey Celia, I purchased from the Paula's Choice website, I've put a link to her website at the bottom x

  3. Great post thanks for this x

  4. Aw thanks for the mention! I havent forgotten about writing a post about this sort of skin problem for you. Absolutely agree though, in order to see benefits from a product you have to use it through a full skin cycle. Girl's skin changes throughout the month, but also it takes several weeks for your skin to renew itself.

    Sometimes products will break you out because they are doing a great job of extracting congestion to the surface (for clearing away). Its hard to live with, but in the long run it is doing good! Routine is the key :) Glad to here you are doing a bit better. Clear, healthy skin is my mission!! xx


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