Haircare routine for long/thick hair

Hey guys so just a quick post on my haircare routine and how I keep it in excellent condition. 

Picture of my hair so you can get a picture of the length etc, I'm 2nd from the left. 

And now onto the products I use...


001. Coconut Oil I use this as a deep treatment before washing, what I do is stick the bottle in boiling water to make sure it's melted and turned into oil which then I can distribute is through the ends of my hair (bottom of the ears downwards) you can leave this on for as long as you like.

002. Shampoo you can use any Shampoo of your choice, when I skip the Coconut Oil treatment when I'm being lazy I like to use Kerastase Bain De Force (review here

003. VO5 Miracle Concentrate just a intensive leave-in treatment I work through the lengths of my wet hair, again avoiding the roots. I love this product makes my hair super soft and shiney and adds nourishment. 

004. Tangle Teezer plastic brush that looks like something you'd brush your barbie dolls hair with. It's not any old brush though it detangles your hair like magic, not that mine really gets tangled but after it's been washed/wet it's just so easier to brush. No more snagging at your head 

005. VO5 Heat Protectant again, you can use any brand you wish but this is my favourite one at the moment. I always use a heat protectant without fail every time I blow dry or straighten my hair to protect my locks from heat damage etc 

Appliances I use: | Hairdryer | Avoid blow drying my hair at all costs, I hate blow drying my hair so usually avoid this by all costs. Obviously if I'm in a rush or generally being lazy then I will use it. 

| Straighteners | I use Cloud Nine Wide Iron, I am SOO grateful when Cloud Nine sent me these for review purposes. Choosing your own temperature on a straightener is a must..I use setting 175. The GHDs quickly got packed in their box and now live at the bottom of the wardrobe and haven't seen daylight for over a year. 

And that's how I keep my hair in excellent, split end free condition :)


  1. Your hair is lovely! Is that Oceana Wolverhampton? lol x

  2. you really do have beautiful hair! xx

  3. Definitely haven't seen a brush like that before! Your hair looks lovely.

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