New Jergens Original Beauty Lotion

A new formulation to the UK market, this soothing mix of moisturising ingredients gives dry, dehydrated skin the thirst quench it needs, with a special dose of the classic fresh and awakening cherry-almond scent, leaving skin looking and feeling softer for longer.

I admit when it comes to body moisturisers I'm extremely lazy and can never be bothered but with winter just around the corner and me constantly wearing fake tan I though my skin needed some extra TLC!

I've used Jergens moisturisers in the past and absolutely loved them, not to mention how cheap they are too but must say this one is my favourite in terms of the scent and how it leaves my skin feeling. The scent is absolutely delicious, I could just eat it!

The formulation is extremely light and silky and blends into the skin beautifully without leaving a greasy layer on your skin (HATE this) leaving your skin soft and hydrated.

Anyone else tried & tested and happy with the results? I am. . .

*PR Sample


  1. I was surprised by how much I liked them, as well! Looove lightness on a moisturiser :)



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