Clynol Keratin Sleek | Before & After

As part of a competition I was chosen to take part in the Keratin Sleek entry, transforming your locks from scruffy to sleek!

"Our new Clynol Keratin Sleek is a professionally developed range that has got it all covered. The innovative formula coats every single hair in a protective Keratin-Polymer Complex – it straightens, smoothens, softens for up to 48 non-stop, frizz-free hours and adds incredible gloss."

When reviewing haircare I've always gave you guys abit of insight to my hair but never shown you a picture until now eek.

Left: is a before picture of my freshly washed and dried hair - if I were to describe it in one word it'd be MASSIVE (I couldn't even fit it all in my collage!) not only is it big, else I'd be happy..I love big hair but it's also thick, frizzy and wavy so stepping out of the house like this is a big no no that's why I have to maintain a good haircare routine. 

 Right: is my after picture after using all of the above products..transformation eh, look how glossy and sleek it looks - proud hair moment!

To get the look:

Step 1This smoothing cleanser is the first step in the 4 step regime to smoothen your hair for up to 48 hours. It cleans to preserve all the drop dead glamour of the hottest straight look to sweep us into a frenzy. The caring formula coats each hair with a Keratin-Polymer Complex and prepares your hair in the best way for the following steps.

Step 2Use this intense treatment as step 2 of the 4 step regime for coarse and frizzy hair. The intensive formula coats each hair with a protective Keratin-Polymer Complex as it repairs to preserve all the healthy-looking drop dead glamour of the hottest straight look to sweep us into a frenzy. You should use the treatment every time you start your smoothening regime.

Step 3Use this lightweight balm as step 3 of the 4 step smoothening regime. It’s a true helper when blow-drying your hair and makes it look even smoother as it coats each hair with a protective Keratin-Polymer Complex.

Step 4Use this shine-enhancing and caring oil as last step of regime to get that extra glossy salon fabulous look. It has the right size to take with you in your bag to get the gloss-kick every time and everywhere you want! For this amazing finish you only need a few drops! Avoid the root area.

So there we have it my Keratin Sleek entry - hope I didn't scare you guys with the before pic. 


  1. Oh my gosh your hair looks fab! Tbf it looks pretty awesome before too!


    1. Thank hun :) If it wasn't so frizzy and wavy when I've washed it I'd totally go out like's very lion mane-esque aha xx

  2. WOW! Awesome results. :)

    Must try this!

    Followed you!
    The Misty Mom

  3. Hmmm...impressive! I think I am going to check this out. I think its a good product to try out.

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